The Right to Photograph & Record in Public:
Moderated Panel Discussion / Open to All


  1. The moderated panel discussion will be an evening event.

This event is open to the public!

The audience will include journalists, citizens and law enforcement so that everyone has an opportunity to talk about what they learned in the LEO session, foster a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities of all parties, and ultimately a greater respect for the roles that everyone plays as pertains to news-gathering and law enforcement.

The members of the public discussion panel are:

Participants in previous programs have found this part of the program to be most beneficial and an excellent way to have a constructive discussion by involving the audience throughout the program rather than wait until the end for questions.

Previous programs have been covered by local media who are always interested in this topic as both a story and a way to help inform the public of their rights and help resolve existing problems and concerns between the police and press.

Event contact / information / media inquiries

Avi S. Adelman / Photographer on Board, Dallas
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